PDF Stamps can act as descriptions, instructions, or even designations. Dynamic stamps even include user and time/date information. Create your own stamp with a PDF or picture file, or create a custom dynamic stamp with a provided template. See Creating Custom Stamps.

To stamp a PDF:

  1. Choose Comments > Stamp, or select the Stamp tool PDF Gold stamp Stamps in the Comment toolbar. The Stamps panel appears at the right of the window.
  2. Do any of the followings to add a stamp:
    • Select a stamp in the panel and click where you want to add it on the page at its default size.
    • Click a stamp and then drag a rectangle on the page to define the size and placement of the stamp.
    • Right-click the stamp and select Add from the context menu, or double-click it. The selected stamp will appear in a default position on the page and can be moved or resized as desired.

To edit a stamp:

  1. To move a stamp, put the pointer over the stamp area and drag it to a new location.
  2. To resize the stamp, click it and then drag a corner handle.
  3. To delete a stamp, right-click it and select Delete from the context menu. Or, left-click it and press Delete on the keyboard.
  4. To change the stamp’s appearance and general information, right-click it and select Properties from the context menu.

Adding comments to a stamp:

  • After a stamp has been placed, double-click it to add a comment.
  • Right-click the stamp and select Reply to respond to the comment or the stamp. Replies can be viewed in the Comments Panel.

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