PDF Plus includes a set of drawing markup tools (Line, Oval, Rectangle, Polygon, Polygon-line, Cloud, Pencil, Eraser, and Hammer), letting you mark up a PDF with lines, circles and other shapes. You can also add comment text to these drawing markups. Each drawing tool has a different effect:

  • The Line tool PDF Gold line Drawing Tools , the Rectangle tool PDF Gold rectangle Drawing Tools and the Oval tool PDF Gold oval Drawing Tools let you crate simple shapes.
  • The Polygon tool PDF Gold polygon Drawing Tools creates a closed shape with multiple segments. The Polygon Line PDF Gold polygonline Drawing Tools creates an open shape with multiple segments.
  • The Cloud tool PDF Gold cloud Drawing Tools creates a closed cloud shape, working the same way as the Polygon tool.
  • The Pencil tool PDF Gold pencil Drawing Tools creates free-form drawings, and the Eraser tool PDF Gold eraser Drawing Tools removes the pencil markups that you scrub.
  • The Hammer tool PDF Gold hammer Drawing Tools “hammers” polygons, polygon lines, and clouds, making curving or zigzag lines straight.

To use the drawing tools to create a markup:

  1. Choose Comments > Draw Tools > [desired tool], or select a drawing tool on the Comment toolbar.
  2. To draw a line, drag across the area where you want the line to appear.
  3. To draw a rectangle or oval, drag across the area where you want the drawing comment to appear.
  4. To draw a polygon or polygon line, click a starting point, move the pointer and click to create a segment of the polygon, and then continue clicking to create segments of the polygon. When you finish drawing the polygon, click the starting point or double-click to close the shape. Double-click to end a polygon line.
  5. To draw a cloud, use the same method as drawing a polygon. When you finish, the cloud shape will appear.
  6. Using the Hand tool, double-click the markup to open the pop-up window and type a note.
  7. (Optional) Click the close button in the pop-up window. When you move the pointer over the drawing markup area, the text will appear in a pop-up window.

Note: To draw a straight/diagonal line, a square, or a circle, press Shift while you draw the markup. Make sure that you don’t release Shift before you release the mouse button.

To delete a drawing markup:

Right-click the drawing markup you want to remove, select Delete from the context menu, or click the drawing markup and then press Delete.

To change the appearance of a drawing markup:

Right-click the drawing markup and then select Properties. Change options on the Appearance tab. See Setting Comment Properties.

Note: You can Ctrl-click more than one drawing markup to move them to a new location, or modify their properties, instead of editing each one individually.

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