Sometimes large PDF documents need to be broken down or re-arranged into smaller parts. The Split Document function provides a wide variety of options on how to do so.

How to split your PDF document:

  1. Choose Document > Advanced Processing > Split Document
  2. Select the document you would like to split.
  3. Select the split method:
    • Split by parity (odd/even pages) – Splits your document by odd and even pages.
    • Split by blank pages – Splits your document as divided by blank pages.
    • Split every ___ page(s) as one document – If you enter “3,” every 3 pages will be split from the start of the document to the end.
    • Split by pages – Enter the page numbers you would like split (e.g. 1-100, 25-50)
    • Split by page(s) containing text – Splits all documents containing the entered text.
    • Extract by page(s) containing text – Extracts all documents containing the entered text.
    • Extract by Bookmark name – Extracts all pages associated with a certain Bookmark name.
    • Split by Bookmark level – Splits all files at a certain Bookmark level.

Split Document