Add a movie or sound to your document with the Movie/Sound Tool. The Sound tool differs from the Attach Sound feature because it supports more audio formats and its appearance is more customizable. However, Attach Sound is still the only way to record sound directly through PDF Plus.

When adding a media file, one must choose whether to support the specifications for Adobe Acrobat 6 and above. This provides more media options but also makes the media incompatible with Acrobat 5 and below.

How to add a video or sound file:

  1. Choose Tools > Advanced and select Movie or Sound Tool, or find both movie PDF Gold movie Movie and Sound Tool and sound PDF Gold sound Movie and Sound Tool icons on the Advanced toolbar.
  2. Double-click the area on the document you’d like to place the media. Or, click and hold to create a media box with your preferred size.
  3. The Add Movie/Sound dialog will pop up. Here you can:
    • Select compatibility with Acrobat 6+ or 5-.
    • Choose whether to embed the media (Acrobat 6+ only) into the document. Non-embedded content will not play on other computers.
    • Snap to content proportions: Select this option to keep the video file’s original size.
    • Cover Settings: Decide what the media file will display when not being played.

After your media file is created, you can edit the file properties by right-clicking the media with the movie/sound tool and selecting Properties. There you can add specific actions or adjust the appearance of the media, including the border or changing the cover.

Changing Movie Preferences:

  • Choose Edit > Preferences > Movie. Here you can select the built-in player and set accessibility options.



Movie Preferences

Movie and Sound Tool