To select a layout for the current PDF:

  1. Choose Document > Advanced Processing > Imposition or click the Imposition icon PDF Gold imposition Layout Settings on the Tasks toolbar.
  2. In the Layout tab, select one of the following:
    • 2-Up Booklet. Two columns and one row on each sheet side.
    • 4-Up Booklet. Two columns and two rows on each sheet side.
    • 8-Up Booklet. Four columns and two rows on each sheet side.
      Note: The press sheet units correspond with the original PDF pages according to page number.
    • Cut Stacks. A Cut-Stack imposition lets the user define which side of a sheet to press pages with custom column numbers and row numbers. You can stack sheets on top of one another and cut a stack to different stacks. Then, pile these stacks from left to right. You can bind the pile as a booklet after completing the above steps.
    • Sequential. On a Sequential imposition sheet, the original PDF pages are arranged according to page number. For example, a 6-page PDF would be imposed on a Sequential sheet as follows:
      PDF Gold sequential Layout Settings
    • Step and Repeat. On a Step and Repeat imposition sheet, each PDF page is repeatedly printed. This layout style is usually used to create several copies of a booklet with one round of printing.
      Note: The booklet layout style will print on both sides of the page, the odd pages on the front and the even pages on the back.

To set Imposition Gutters:

  1. Select a unit (pt, in or mm) for the gutters.
  2. Set the following items for your gutters:
    • Vertical. The space between neighboring two columns.
    • Horizontal. The space between neighboring two rows. This option is disabled when 2-Up Booklet is selected.
    • Spread. The space between the second columns and the third columns when 8-Up Booklet is selected.
    • Creep. Adjusting the page layout of inner spreads to maintain a constant outer margin when the saddle stitched booklet is trimmed to counteract creep. The amount of creep depends on the size of the margins, number of pages, and the thickness of the media.
  3. Note: All value ranges above are valid between 0 and 100 inches.

To set a booklet binding:

  1. Select one of the following binding types:
    • Select Saddle-Stitching to staple medium together in the spine where the media is folded.
    • Perfect Binding: Divide all media into different stacks, and then bind each stack with Saddle-Stitching. Once these stacks are glued together, a booklet is created. You can set a stack number in the Sheets per fold textbox. A valid input is an integer between 1 and 100.

To set the printing order:

  1. Select one of the following printing orders:
    • Select Sheet Wise to print one side of a media with one plate, then turn the media over and print the other side with another plate using the same gripper and opposite side guide. This option is available for 4-Up Booklet or 8-Up Booklet.
    • Work-and-turn: Prints the second side of the media by turning it over from left to right, using the same edge of the media as the gripper or lead edge and using the same plate set for both sides of the media. This option is available only for 8-Up Booklet.
    • Work-and-tumble: Print one side of a media sheet, then turn it over from gripper to back with the same side guide and plate to print the second side. This option is also available for 4-Up Booklet or 8-Up Booklet.
  2. When you choose a non-booklet layout, you can select/deselect Double Side to determine whether to print the back of the media.

Layout Settings