Speed up the search process of long documents with the Embed Index feature, which creates an index of the words in the document. The search engine will search the index and process the results much quicker. Once embedded, the index remains part of the file unless removed.

How to embed, update, or remove an index from your document:

  1. Open the file you wish to index and choose Document > Advanced Processing > Embedded Index…
  2. The Embed Index dialog will display all possible options: Remove, Create, or Update Index.
    • Remove: If you’ve already created an index for the file and want to remove it, select this option.
    • Create: If there is currently no index for this file, select Create.
    • Update: Click here if there have been changes made to the file and the index needs to be updated.
  3. Choose Edit > Search as you normally would to search the document.

Embedded Index