The Compare Documents feature is useful for identifying the changes between two versions of a document, some of which may be difficult to notice by eye.

How to Compare Documents:

  1. Choose Document > Advanced Processing > Compare Documents to open the dialog.
  2. Click Choose… to select the documents you would like to compare. Under Revision, select from the available revisions of the document chosen, if more than one.
  3. Under Type of Comparison, select what kind of comparison you’d like to perform, Visual or Textual. Visual includes text and other graphical differences, while Textual only concerns text.
  4. There are two report types: Side by Side and Combine. Side by Side displays both compared documents next to each other. Combine displays both documents as the same page, with markups where differences occur. By pointing the mouse over each markup with the hand tool, the differences will appear.

Note: Textual differences are usually best displayed in a Side by Side format, while visually-based documents favor the Combine report type.

Compare Documents