Bates Stamping is a procedure used primarily in the law profession to index documents. Appearing as a header or footer on each page, Bates numbers allow identification of each document not only by itself but in relation to others.

In PDF Gold, Bates numbering is customizable according to your needs. Add a prefix or suffix, insert the date, and/or set the number of digits for your stamp.

Bates numbers do not organize or index your documents in any fashion.

Note: Bates Stamping is not available for protected or encrypted files.

How to add a Bates Stamp:

  1. Choose Document > Advanced Processing > Bates Stamping > Add to open the dialog.
  2. Click on Add Files to select a file you’d like to add to the stamping queue. To change the order of files already in the queue, select the file and click Move Up or Move Down, or Delete File to remove the file. The Preview option allows you to take a look at the document after being stamped.
  3. To include any files currently open in PDF Gold, click Include Currently Open Files. Adjust Page Range options if you only need certain pages to be stamped.
  4. Edit the Bates Stamp scheme. See Editing Bates Stamp Schemes.
  5. Select whether you would like to save the resulting stamped files as a new, separate file.
  6. Click OK to stamp your documents.

Removing a Bates Stamp:

  1. Choose Document > Advanced Processing > Bates Stamping > Remove
  2. Add the files you would like to remove Bates Stamps from and click OK.

Note: Bates Stamps applied from other PDF programs may not be recognized by PDF Plus. You should visually confirm stamp removal for those documents.

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