Once your 3D object has been added, click on it with the Hand Tool. This will activate the animation and open the 3D Toolbar. This is where you interact with the 3D object and adjust viewing options.

PDF Gold 3dtoolbar 3D Toolbar

Note: To access expanded items on the toolbar, right-click the object and select “Expand Tools.”

A. Rotate – Rotate an object on the axis based on where you drag the mouse.

B. Spin - The object is moved fixed to the x and z-axis.

C. Pan - Move the object horizontally and vertically in the plane.

D. Walk - Moving the mouse horizontally moves the object horizontally. Moving the mouse vertically brings you forward or away from the object. The object always stays fixed on the horizontal axis.

E. Zoom - Zoom closer or further away from the object.

F. 3D Measurement Tool - Measure the 3D object.

G. Model Tree - Opens the Model Tree for the object.

H. Default View - Returns to the default view for the object. Can be used to bring the object back if it goes out of view. You can adjust the default view

I. View List (Expanded) - List of available views for the object.

J. Add View (Expanded) - Save a view for reference later.

K. Play/Pause Animation - Play or Pause the animation, if any

L. Use Orthographic Animation (Expanded) - Switch to Orthographic projection or Perspective.

M. Render Mode (Expanded) - Change the way the object appears.

N. Extra Lights (Expanded) - Alter the lighting provided for the object.

O. Background Color - Adjust the color of the background.


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