Right-clicking a 3D object with the Hand Tool opens extra 3D Options.

Part Options – Show All Parts displays the entire 3D model.

Expand/Collapse 3D Tools – Select expanded/collapsed 3D toolbar mode.

Views – Lists all views for the object. Go to Default View to see the original view. Go to View Editor to manage views or to create a new one. A new view will be set to the current position of the 3D object.

Render Mode – Change the appearance of the 3D object.

Show/Hide Model Tree – Select whether to view the 3D object’s Model Tree. See 3D Object Model Tree.

Select a Background Color – Choose a background color.

Play/Pause Animation – Start/Stop the 3D animation, if any.

Use Orthographic/Perspective Projection – Switch between Orthographic/Perspective Projections.

Deactivate 3D – Deactivates the 3D object.

Hide/Show Toolbar – Select whether to show the 3D Toolbar.


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