Turning on the Model Tree option for a 3D object displays the object’s structure and properties, which can then be activated/deactivated.

How to Use the 3D Object Model Tree:

  1. First, make sure the 3D Object is activated. You can do this by clicking on the object with the Hand Tool.
  2. Once the Object is activated, you can enter the Model Tree three ways – By clicking the Model Tree icon on the left sidebar, clicking the Model Tree icon in the 3D Toolbar, or right-clicking the object and selecting Show Model Tree.
  3. When the Model Tree Sidebar opens you will be able to see the different parts listed. Uncheck each part to deactivate it. Check the box again to activate.
  4. At the bottom of the sidebar is the Property information. Here you can see some of the statistics for the object.
  5. Click the Options button at the top of the sidebar for more options.
    • Show All Parts – Displays the entire 3D Object.
    • Show/Hide Bounding Box – Displays the box enclosing the 3D model.
    • Color Settings – Change the color of the bounding box or the object highlights.
    • Render Mode – Change the object’s appearance.
    • Lights – Adjust the lighting for the object.
    • Export Whole Tree – Export the Model Tree information as an .XML file.


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