To add 3D (*.u3d files) to your document, use the 3d tool, similar to the Add Movie and Sound tool.

Adding a 3D file:

  1. Choose Tools > Advanced > 3D Tools or click on the 3D Tool icon PDF Gold 3d 3D Tool in the taskbar.
  2. Drag the area in the document you’d like to place the 3D object and select the file you’d like to add.

Adjusting the 3D object space:

  • With the 3D Tool activated, you may resize the 3D object window, altering the proportions of the 3D object in the process.
  • Right-click the object and you have access to all the auto-placement and resize options.

The 3D Content Editor:

Right-click the object with the 3D tool or the Select Object tool and go to 3D Content Editor to replace the current 3D object with another one. This is also where you can set the cover.

3D Activation Properties:

  • Double-click the object or Right-click and go to Properties to adjust Activation properties.
    • To Activate 3D: Set when the 3D object should activate.
    • Default Animation Status: Set the default status for the 3D object, Playing or Paused.
    • To Deactivate 3D: Set when the 3D object should deactivate.
    • When 3D is deactivated: Select the Animation behavior when deactivated.
    • No Interaction: Select this option to turn off interaction (rotate, view, etc.) with the 3D object.


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